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Testable offers a seamless, fully integrated testing platform for websites, APIs, databases, and apps. It’s user-friendly and designed to support a wide variety of testing tools. Whether you need it in the cloud (such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform) or on your own servers, the platform works wherever you require. It supports JMeter, Gatling, Locust, Node.js (including HTTP, Websockets,, and,, Selenium Java, Serenity BDD, PhantomJS, SlimerJS, record-and-replay, and HAR files. Testable can generate remote tests, smoke tests, and runtime test results based on the selected region. The platform serves top banks like Deutsche Bank and RBS, as well as leading companies like Adidas and Mastercard.




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Chicago, IL, USA

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We initially took on this project to upgrade Ember JS to the latest version available at that time. We began by updating smaller components and gradually moved to larger ones. Currently, the application utilizes the Ember Octane edition.

During this period, we also worked on the server side of the application, which is built in Scala, with the Test Runner Agent developed using NodeJS. We have implemented testing tools such as Playwright, Puppeteer, and Postman.

This is a one-of-a-kind project. We had to develop a system to record headless browsers, which spawn on servers without a GUI. This task was quite challenging, and it was immensely satisfying when we successfully released this feature.

We continue to work on the project, and each day presents new challenges that drive us to learn and grow.


As part of the Testable project, we have developed a Mac Installer, a macOS application designed to simplify the installation of Testable on Mac. This app operates like any other macOS application and downloads all necessary components. This eliminates the need to visit various platforms, as everything is managed within the application.

Essentially, the app automates the Testable installation process. Once installed, users can launch Testable, enabling their Mac to interact with the server seamlessly. This application is important as it streamlines the Testable setup process. It automates the installation and ensures all necessary components are downloaded, preparing the Mac to perform various tests efficiently with a fully equipped server.

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Client's Feedback

"They successfully delivered a slew of vital features for our platform."

AALA IT Solutions' efforts are consistently met with positive acclaim, thanks to their professionalism. The team strictly adheres to the project's timelines and requirements, and internal stakeholders are impressed with the service provider's vast technical knowledge.

As the founder of, I needed talented developers to help build new features. I found AALA IT Solutions and hired them because of their skilled developers. They've been a great partner, working closely with us to build new features for the platform using both front-end and back-end development involving Ember JS and Node.js. This ongoing collaboration is helping us make an even better platform for software testing!

Avi Stramer

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