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Our client, an owner of an online print shop specializing in custom t-shirt prints, faced a significant decline in website traffic and sales due to intense market competition. Accepting the challenge, we proposed and developed a dynamic and custom 3D apparel designer module. More than just attracting visitors, this innovative solution provides a unique and interactive user experience.




3 months


New York, USA

Client Satisfaction


The client’s online print shop had seen a steady decline in traffic and sales, primarily due to the saturation of the market with numerous competitors offering similar services. The lack of distinctive features on the client’s website made it difficult to stand out and attract new customers. This situation was impacting the overall growth and sustainability of the business.


To help the client regain a competitive edge, we proposed the development of a 3D apparel designer module for the website. This module was designed using cutting-edge technologies including three.js and fabric.js, with Node.js serving as the backend. The module offered several key features:

Dynamic Customization: Users could add unique designs to various apparel items, not just t-shirts.

Real-Time 3D Visualization: Once the design was completed, the module displayed a 3D model of the apparel, showcasing how the final product would look.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design tool made it easy for users to create and visualize their custom apparel, enhancing the overall user experience.


The implementation of the 3D apparel designer module yielded impressive results:
Increased Website Traffic: The innovative feature attracted more visitors to the website, intrigued by the unique customization options.

Boosted Sales: The ability to visualize custom designs in 3D before purchase led to higher customer engagement and increased conversion rates.

Competitive Edge: The client now has a distinct advantage over competitors, offering a feature that is not commonly found in the market.

Positive Client Feedback: The client was extremely pleased with the outcome, noting a significant improvement in both traffic and sales.

Overall, the project not only helped the client overcome the initial challenges but also positioned the online print shop for sustained growth and success in a competitive market.

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Client's Feedback

I'm delighted to share our experience with AALA IT Solutions. Recently, we faced challenges with declining sales and website traffic, realizing we needed an innovative approach to re-engage our loyal customers amidst a competitive market. They proposed a brilliant solution that we were confident would make a difference.

And we were right! Our website traffic is bouncing back, and even better, we're attracting many new customers. AALA IT Solutions has truly been a game-changer for our business.

David Brown
Founder & CEO

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