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Pickle had a humble beginning. It started as a Poll App, mostly conducting polls about various fashion and industry trends. But the founders dreamed bigger. It then evolved as a fashion rental platform. Initially, the traffic was very low, and not many people knew about it. Harnessing the powers of the mighty social media, it got huge fame in fashion industry. People loved the idea of ditching the "buy once, wear rarely" cycle and rocking trendy looks without breaking the bank. Pickle caught the eyes of fashion-forward investors. They funded the multi-million dollar marketplace project and today, it manages locations, product cleaning, traffic surges, and online orders. People now, can open their accounts and put their clothes on display so others can rent them, making it a successful fashion rental marketplace.




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1 years


New York, USA

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As the platform gained attention, a performance boost and proper traffic handling became essential. The platform needed crucial features like compelling design, performance, customer engagement, slow performance, extended rental service in the marketplace, customer support chat, and customer identity verification through Stripe payment. Orders piled up, requiring swift resolution. The overall goal of the platform to provide an enjoyable and hassle-free experience for users looking to rent clothes online was missing. These factors compelled the company to make the right decisions.


After a thorough analysis and understanding of the client’s operations, we proposed a serverless application using React, Next.js, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Amplify, AWS API Gateway, AWS AppSync (GraphQL). The new platform provided smooth and efficient access to fashion products. It speeds up the platform and users begin to order their desired products hassle-free. We added much-needed features like user authentication, data synchronization, and payment processing into mobile and web apps. This enabled users to sign in securely, access their data across devices, and complete transactions seamlessly.


The project transformed the fashion rental experience making it delightful, secure, and easy to use. With an enlarged dress collection, simplified navigation, and flawless secure connection to the physical store. The new application had great user reviews. Adopting server-side rendering helped us improve the performance by over 500%.

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I am happy that we have selected AALA IT Solutions as our technical partner. When we have completed our funding, we know we need to deliver. Not only to our customers but to our investors as well. We were looking for the best combination of high-end services and affordable pricing. “Pickle” was booming, and attracted a wide range of audiences. This resulted in high volume traffic and also required unique features to meet the needs. I personally wanted to improve this constant feeling of the site being slow and wanted it to change.

Here; AALA IT Solutions had listened to us well, and understood the delicacies and analyzed everything, and built a new platform that is blazing fast and packed with features like secure login, data syncing across devices, and easy payments. Renting clothes online is now a breeze! User reviews are fantastic, and thanks to server-side rendering, performance is over a thousand times better. AALA IT Solutions helped us turn things around and create a delightful fashion rental marketplace experience.

Brian McMahon

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