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EvoFit is a comprehensive fitness application designed to cater to both consumers and businesses within the fitness industry. Created for both Android and iOS platforms, the app was developed using Flutter and designed in Figma. EvoFit offers a seamless experience for users to explore fitness centers, join classes, and even conduct their matches. It also provides wellness centers with tools to manage their operations efficiently.


Health and Fitness


6 months - 1 year



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The client needed an all-encompassing solution to bridge the gap between fitness enthusiasts and wellness centers. They faced several challenges:

User requirements were a bit twisted. Consumers needed an easy way to find and join fitness classes, while businesses required robust tools to manage registrations, locations, training sessions, and attendance. The app had to be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms while ensuring dynamic user interactions and sustained engagement within the app.

Another challenge was implementing an in-app token system to streamline class enrollments and payments.


To address these challenges, our team developed EvoFit from scratch, focusing on the following solutions:

We designed the app using Figma to create an intuitive and visually appealing interface for both Android and iOS users. The app was developed using Flutter, ensuring a consistent and high-performance experience across both platforms.

On the business side, we implemented features that allowed wellness centers to register their locations, manage training sessions, and track attendees and their attendance. It simplified the process for businesses to register and list their services. The dashboard also allowed wellness centers to create and manage training sessions and monitor attendance. They can also manage attendees and track their attendance.

On the user end, we provided functionalities that enabled users to explore the marketplace, find nearby fitness centers, and join available classes. It allowed users to browse through various fitness centers and their offerings.

Users can apply and join classes if space is available. They can create teams and conduct competitions too. Additionally, we integrated an in-app token system where users could buy tokens to join classes. Different classes required varying numbers of tokens, making the enrollment process straightforward and efficient.

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Client's Feedback

AALA IT Solutions developed our fitness app in Flutter for iOS and Android. It’s managed via a backend Admin portal on AWS. Despite tight timelines and project complexity, they delivered the product efficiently. They set up GitHub repos for easy code management, communicated effectively, and resolved bugs promptly. We're completely satisfied with our fitness app and recommend AALA IT Solutions for any sort of mobile app development.

James Garcia
Founder & CEO

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