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ConsumerBreak is an innovative mobile application where users solve fast-paced, glass-like jigsaw puzzles. They compete against other players for sponsored prizes such as cash or earn NFTs, coupons, and various rewards with every puzzle they solve. The app aims to provide an immersive and rewarding gaming experience, combining the thrill of competition with tangible rewards.


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1 year



Client Satisfaction


The client envisioned a unique gaming platform that could seamlessly integrate fast-paced puzzle gameplay with a competitive edge and rewarding system. They faced several challenges in the project. First, they needed to develop intricate and visually appealing complex puzzles, it was both engaging and challenging. Additionally, we were expected to add dynamic user interactions and sustained engagement within the app.

Another challenge was performance optimization, which involved maintaining a smooth and responsive user experience, even with complex game mechanics in React Native. Efficiently managing the state and storing local data was crucial to providing a seamless gaming experience. Lastly, real-time data synchronization was necessary to ensure real-time updates for leaderboards and user interactions.


To address these challenges, we lead the development of ConsumerBreak from scratch, focusing on several key solutions.

For core feature development, we designed and implemented intricate puzzle features that are visually appealing and engaging. We also incorporated leaderboards to foster competition among users and utilized React Native's component-based framework to enhance performance and ensure smooth gameplay.

For state management and data storage, we leveraged Redux for efficient state management, ensuring consistent and predictable behavior across the application. Additionally, We implemented local data storage, providing a seamless user experience.

For navigation and real-time synchronization, we utilized React Navigation for smooth transitions between different screens, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, we integrated real-time data synchronization, ensuring dynamic user interactions and up-to-date leaderboards.

We integrated Google ad mobs and players were allowed another turn upon watching ads. Social media is also incorporated with the app. Users can sign in using FaceBook or Instagram and can share awards on the same platforms.

Lastly, we oversaw the technical aspects of the app's design and implementation. We conducted meticulous testing and iteration to ensure that the app's features were robust, scalable, and aligned with the client’s vision.


The result was a highly engaging and rewarding mobile application that met and exceeded the client’s expectations. The app successfully attracted and retained users by offering an immersive puzzle-solving experience with the added thrill of competition and rewards. Through effective state management and data handling, the app provided a smooth and responsive user experience, even with complex gameplay mechanics. Real-time data synchronization via Firebase ensured that users experienced dynamic interactions and up-to-date leaderboards.

The app’s robust and scalable architecture allowed for future growth and the addition of new features, ensuring long-term viability. ConsumerBreak emerged as a compelling gaming platform, delighting users with its unique blend of puzzle-solving, competition, and rewards. The successful development and launch of ConsumerBreak highlighted our capability to deliver complex, engaging, and high-performance mobile applications.

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Client's Feedback

AALA IT Solutions took over our previous development company to give our mobile application an improved makeover with all new code and interface. The application is a puzzle game built on React Native for use on iOS and Android devices, and it works together with a backend Admin portal that controls all content on the app - hosted on AWS.

This project has taken longer and at a higher cost than originally anticipated. However, it is a complex project with a lot of connected parts so it was justified - and AALA IT Solutions had to learn how the previous development was done and adapt it. They did this without requiring much assistance from the previous developer, and now the code is more optimal, scalable, and improved.

They set up GitHub repos for us and kept all code and updates in our possession there, which is important for us as owners of the code. They communicate very well and with no delay, and items are tracked easily. Whenever we note bugs found during testing, he addresses them until complete and communicates any issues along the way. We also now have additional developers working with us, and AALA IT Solutions answering any questions and helping them accordingly.

While a lot of work was spent on this project to get to a point of launch, we are satisfied with an improved and scalable product and recommend AALA IT Solutions for any development needs.

Natanel Eisenberg
Founder & CEO

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